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and Objective

Each of us had a favorite game in childhood, but most of us loved Swing, or what we call "Urjouha" in Arabic.
"Urjouha" is an Arabic parenting website empowered by the Arab Resource collective. Developed by Arab ECD, Health, and Mental Health Experts, and directed to Arab caregivers in the Arab World and Arabic-speaking caregivers around the globe.
Urjouha aims to provide all the possible support for parents to give their best for their young children in their early years, a critical window for children's development.

The platform delivers simple, contemporary answers to various parenting questions in a constructive and stimulating manner for the whole family, it enhances the knowledge and abilities of its surfers through methods that emphasize justice between the mother and father in their partnership towards positive and playful parenting, and it links effective caregiving to the ever-present expression of love.
Urjouha produces modern, studied, varied written - audiovisual materials and Articles. It also presents Interviews with experts in health, parenting, mental health, early learning, and protection, in addition to educational, informative, and scientific videos in a simple and easy parent-friendly language.